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ulotka 2017

Wolsztyn, May 2017


Our steam engine train fully loaded with pure country is back on track again!

At the beginning of January the first concert of "PURE COUNTRY - STATION..." series in this year took place. The real STARS of the festival performed in Warsaw at the befriended Pink Flamingo American Restaurant & Grill !

The legendary EUROPEAN HIGHWAYMEN group from Norway, led by the guru of Norwegian country scene Gunnar Thomas along with Polish fans' favorite Arly Karlsen, had arrived to Warsaw to visit and start the artistic cooperation with Michael Lonstar, as well as to perform for Polish country music lovers.

Spontaneously the Honky Tonk Brothers band joined the show and extended the party. Not by accident. Soon we'll disclose more secrets about results of that special evening with European Highwaymen, Honky Tonk Brothers and Michael Lonstar.

The party was just great. The attendance exceeded our expectations, as well as the Pink Flamingo capacity.

All of you who couldn't take a part in the concert, can see our PHOTO COVERAGE of this extraordinary event.

And soon on our website the first news about 6th "PURE COUNTRY" Festival's program. Stay tuned!

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "Wilczyca" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, January 2015


The "PURE COUNTRY" festival's production team greetly congratulates Mr WOJCIECH LIS for the occasion of winning local elections and becoming a new Mayor of the city of Wolsztyn.

To our new host of the Wolsztyn city we wish a lot of success' and only fulfilling ideas along the way!

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "Wilczyca" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, November 2014



Let's meet on August 8-10, 2014, traditionally at City Park on the Wolsztyn's Lke beach,  to celebrate 5th Anniversary of "PURE COUNTRY"

We're waiting for you all along with our Artists. Headliners of this year's Anniversary Edition are:


Daniel T. Coates

Arly Karlsen

Complete festival's PROGRAM is already available. WE'RE GONNA START THE FUN ON FRIDAY!!!

See you all soon!

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "Wilczyca" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, June 2014


We are happy to inform all the adventure seekers, travel buffs, train fans and in particular – the steam engine lovers, that the “COUNTRY EXPRESS " - Special Train will be activated for you, along with two more old special trains: NIKODEM and STRAŻAK.


Organizer: The Institute of Development and Promotion of Railroad (Tel. +48 603 366 366, e-mail: biuro@iripk.pl)

Track: Wolsztyn - Zb±szyń - Międzyrzecz - Międzychód - Międzyrzecz - Zb±szyń - Wolsztyn

The Institute of Development and Promotion of Railroad (Tel. +48 603 366 366, e-mail: biuro@iripk.pl) invites you to join the attraction-packed ride!

For more information regarding the timetable and attractions contact the organizer, “TurKol – Turystyka Kolejowa” company.

Auxiliary info: companies and private entrepreneurs interested in renting the slots for their concession stands (garment, accessories, souvenirs, etc.) during the festival, contact the Producer, Waldemar Ligma. Tel. 691 256 000; e-mail: yawabe@wp.pl

Wolsztyn, June 2013


We have the pleasure to inform you that the long-awaited program of this year’s festival IS ALREADY THERE!!!

We invite you to get acquainted more closely with this year’s Artists. In our audio player you’ll find the musical foretaste of what is to come LIVE in a unique atmosphere of Wolsztyn festival just a few weeks away.

On Friday, August 9th at 6 p.m. we kick off with the concert titled “PURE COUNTRY – WARMING UP!”.RODEO DANCE will do the line dance show, followed by the country dance workshops for you and the dance contest with attractive prizes. A new Polish band, THE GOOD OL’ BOYS led by everybody’s darling, Marcin Rybczynski of The Honky Tonk Brothers fame, will provide the warm-up music to listen and dance to. Later at night you’ll dance your legs off to the sounds of the infallible ALABAMA BAND, Concession stands with food, beverages, souvenirs and stylish garments will open in the vicinity of the stage.

And from Saturday afternoon on the City Park on the bank of Wolsztyn Lake will be taken over by your favorite artists from Europe and – as usual, exclusively in Poland – the stars from Nashville, U.S.A.:



BILLY YATES – Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, maker of the annual cult show, “The Countriest of The Country”, opening world’s greatest country music festival, the CMA Fest. His motto expressed in one of his hit songs is “I’m too country and proud of it”. Billy Yates returns to Poland after two years with his still hot CD, “Only One George Jones”.

BUDDY JEWELL – the famed winner of “The New Nashville Star” TV contest show. His debut album achieved the Gold Record status merely one month after its release, while the song he wrote for his little daughter, “Help Pour Out The Rain” and his next single, “Sweet Southern Comfort”, have found their place among the all-time greatest country hits.

Both artists will appear in Wolsztyn backed by the Dutch band, SAVANNAH, many-time winners of “The Best Country Group” title granted by the Dutch Country Music Association, and Polish “Stagecoach Award in the category “Without Borders”. Savannah will also do the show in their own right.

Our German guests will be: yet another “Without Borders” award winners, our audience’s favorites, TEXAS HEAT, with their charismatic leader MARTY WOLFE, and many-time winner of Deutscher Countrypreis awards for Best Female Singer and Entertainer of The Year, phenomenal JOLINA CARL. At a public request of his enchanted Polish fans there will also appear Slovakian legend, ALLAN MIKUŠEK.

And, of course, representatives of Poland: traditionally – Entertainer of The Year 2011, MICHAEL LONSTAR; sought-after country/folk/rock-tinged  BABSZTYL; new musical project, POWER GRASS with well-known to Wolsztyn aficionados Krysia Mazur, backed by two bluegrass giants, Janusz Tytman (mandolin) and Piotr Bulas (5 string banjo). Saturday attractions will begin with one more short entry of Marcin Rybczynski and the GOOD OL’ BOYS, while the stylish band on the rise, WHEELS OF STEEL will kick off the Sunday show.

RODEO DANCE, STREFA COUNTRY and their joint forces project, STREFA RODEO SHOW will embellish the festival stage visually.

Dear fans! Wolsztyn hotels are running short of rooms. Do not put off your plans for that August weekend. Make reservations now! And… see y’all in Wolsztyn!  

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "Wilczyca" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, June 2013


Dear fans and friends of the ”PURE COUNTRY”! The time is running fast, the experiences and memories of last August are already a history and now we are facing a gigantic challenge to make it happen for the fourth time. And… before we knew, Christmas has knocked on our door.

On this Christmas Time we wish you love, peace, serenity, good health and a good time with families and friends and a lot of success in the upcoming year 2013, filled with a whole lot of good ol’ Country Music.  Be sure to reserve one weekend in August 2013, so that all of us could meet in Wolsztyn at the “PURE COUNTRY” Number Four!

Traditionally, we have a gift under your Christmas Tree: the first names of the artists  of the next edition. This time you’ll find that gift at the beginning of New Year. In the meantime, we invite you to “The Night of Memories” – newly released photo-galleries packed with pictures from the last edition.

While reminiscing it, let us not forget about all the good people who invaluably contributed to the “PURE COUNTRY 2012”: the Mayor of Wolsztyn, Wolsztyn’s Center of Culture, our trustworthy Sponsors, the Artists who continue to share their great country music with us, and – last but not least – YOU, our faithful, the best in the world audience. You have our boundless “THANK YOU!”. We wish you (and ourselves) an equally successful collaboration, lots of artistic thrills and that unique atmosphere which we all hope to re-create together in just a few months, at the Fourth “PURE COUNTRY” 2013.

Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska & Waldemar Ligma
Wolsztyn, December 2012


We are happy to inform you that the complete program of this year’s festival is already available on our homepage, in the “PROGRAM” folder. Do visit our websites, learn more about and listen to the ARTISTS you will soon see and hear on the Wolsztyn stage. We also recommend a most interesting interview with festival’s headliner, RAY SCOTT.

We invite you to Wolsztyn as soon as Friday, August 10th. That’s when we kick off the side events in Wolsztyn’s City Park, under the title “PURE COUNTRY – WARMING UP”: the opening acts on the main stage and country dance workshops for whoever feels like dancing. The workshops will conclude with a dance contest, and the winners will receive some attractive awards from the producers. For a detailed program of Friday’s attractions go to our website.

Important information for the visitors: from this year on we open big parking lots in the immediate vicinity of the Park, adopted to receive the camp trailers, too. We encourage those of you who couldn’t find the lodging in Wolsztyn, to accept the offers from the boarding houses and private living quarters in the adjacent villages, with an option of the independent transportation to and from the venue.

Also this year we re-open the restored and upgraded tent/campsite on Jeziorna Street, located in the forest by the beach, right behind the “Le¶na” hotel. Details coming up soon.

See “all y’all” in Wolsztyn!

But before it happens, we invite the inhabitants of Pomerania and Kujawy districts to the next “PURE COUNTRY STATION” held in Chełmno on June 30th. Find the details HERE.

Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska & Waldemar Ligma
Wolsztyn, June 2012


We have a pleasure of informing you that Wolsztyn’s musical steam engine, “PURE COUNTRY – STATION X” has departed at full throttle in March, kickin’ off the series of events within the nation-wide promotional  campaign for the “Pure Country” festival and the town of Wolsztyn itself.

The first leg of the campaign was the “Station Sioux” – the club gig at the Sioux restaurant in Warsaw, whose manager, Mr. Grzegorz Nowak, is a huge country fan and effective supporter of Wolsztyn festival. The roster of the artists on the Sioux contained Michael Lonstar, Dorota Krawczyk and the Alabama Band. In between the musical acts the producers of the “Pure Country” honored Mr. Nowak and our media patrons who celebrated their anniversaries: Maciek “Coachman” Swiatek, editor-in-chief of the “Stagecoach” biweekly, who has been riding this country trail for the last 15 years, and Robert “Cowboy Kash” Kashmiri & Hubert Sojka – who have been managing a trendsetting “countrymusic.pl” forum for 5 years. We congratulate the recipients and we wish them many more significant anniversaries!

The next stations on the Wolsztyn “Pure Country” trail’s route are: Chełmno – June 30, 2012, and Bukowina Tatrzanska – July 21, 2012. Preparations for the next concerts in various corners of the country are under way. Detailed information follows soon, but before it does, we invite you to our photo-report from the night at the Sioux.

During the “Pure Country – Station Sioux” concert the producers revealed the latest on this year’s festival’s program.



We are happy to tell you that the list of the artists from the Capital of Country Music – Nashville – has been enhanced by the charismatic, genuine “outlaw” with an awesome, deep voice, a sought-after songwriter, and a leading representative of the “True Country” trend – RAY SCOTT, the untamed rebel to the bone, and at the same time a great stylist of the genre, whose songs and attitude stand in defense of true values and sounds of country music, against the prevalent, ill-conceived commerce and pop. He expressed his artistic motto in his big hit, “My Kind of Music” (from his first, namesake CD), while his recent album bears adequate title “Rayality”, which is both a paraphrase of his first name and a definition of the CD’s content. And, among a dozen of other great songs, there’s his last, outrageously funny hit, “Those Jeans” . The album will be available on sale in Wolsztyn!

Ray Scott’s songs are covered by such superstars as Trace Adkins, Randy Travis or Clay Walker. His songwriting skills match his vocal talent. Ray successfully tours the world as a singer in his own right. His appearance at the “Pure Country 2012” will be his first-ever and ONLY show in Poland.

You can find the initial information on the Artists and other planned “Pure Country 2012” attractions in our PROGRAM section. The complete program will be available on our website within a few weeks. In the meantime you can already listen to selected songs of the Artists whom you will have the chance to see live on Wolsztyn stage in August.

Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska & Waldemar Ligma
Wolsztyn, April 2012


Christmas is a magical time of good wishes, friendly reunions and gifts. We spent the pre-Christmas weekend visiting the friends of the "Pure Country" in Wolsztyn.

One of the most important ones was the meeting with Mayor of Wolsztyn, Mr. Andrzej Rogozinski. We summed up the past festival, we discussed the next phases of development of festival's infrastructure for the years to come and we finalize some decisions regarding the "Pure Country 2012", which will result in technological upgrading of the internet transmission of the concerts, and very soon on our website you will find the enhanced information on the increased lodging base in Wolsztyn and Karpicko (private quarters and a new campsite).

Warm ,heartfelt atmosphere dominated another significant visit: the afternoon filled with caroling  under a Christmas tree at the Mlynkowiak family. Let us remind you: struggling with cancer, nine year old Dominik Mlynkowiak  has been embraced by the program of the "Dreamers Mail" foundation. We wrote about him on festival facebook and on "muzyka-country.pl" gazette. Complicated and long term treatment prevents Dominik from leaving home and participate in most of his peers' activities. Post cards and letters sent to him from all over Poland help him to overcome his solitude and give him a lot of so much needed encouragement and joy.

Lonstar's visit meant a lot to the boy and his family. On this occasion we appeal one more time to you all: do not forget about Dominik and send him many words of hope which he needs so much. Luckily, the treatment is taking gradual effects, Dominik feels considerably better, but there is still a long way for him to go. The boy is surprisingly serene and he patiently endures the treatment process, even though he pays enormous price of renunciation. We thank his Parents for hosting us and we keep our fingers crossed for the success of certain plan we conceived together. We hope to meet the entire Mlynkowiak family at the "Pure Country 2012".

At the end we'd like to announce some good news: we have more tourist and artistic attractions in store, unprecedented in Poland. Detailed info will follow soon!

Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, December 2011


It has become a tradition to give "PURE COUNTRY" fans a Christmas gift: we reveal the preliminary program plans for the next year's edition and the names of its first headliners.

The idea behind the festival from its very conception has been to present the wide spectrum of country music trends and the essential values conveyed by it. And you just cannot achieve that without reaching for the roots. Hence, on the Wolsztyn stage once again there will appear the strong representation of the capital of Country Music - Nashville, USA.

With great joy and satisfaction we inform you that in spite of the raging global economy crisis we have our first American stars of the PURE COUNTRY 2012 already booked. And they are:

GEORGE HAMILTON IV, called "The International Ambassador of Country Music", Grand Ole Opry legend, the unquestioned mentor and mainstay of Country's best traditions. Living encyclopedia of Country Music, and at the same time an Artist whose name is the constant entry in every encyclopedia. A true Southern Gentleman straight from the "Gone With The Wind" epoch, that - thank God - has not gone with the wind.



GEORGE HAMILTON V, the son of George IV, the continuator of the family tradition, who writes and sings in the contemporary rough-around-the-edges country-rockin' honky-tonk mold. An untamed volcano of stage energy, spiced with that showcase Southern sense of humor.

The Hamilton Boys will appear in Wolsztyn backed by Poland's own Colorado Band, with whom they have been collaborating occasionally for many years. And this is where we have a surprise for you: in their Wolsztyn concert they will premiere their joint recording project. To our knowledge, their brand-new album "fresh from the assembly line" should be out by that time.



All we can disclose today is that both the concert and the CD will feature many "classic" hits of two Georges and of the Colorado Band in surprising new versions, and also... Oh, no! We won't tell you more! You just have to experience it all live. So, start planning your summertime vacation right now and come to Wolsztyn!

 Visit us frequently, ‘cause more news will come soon!

 Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska
Wolsztyn, December 2011


Festival PURE COUNTRY has entered its pre-production phase "at full throttle", just like it did last year, and we already confirm the date of the third edition.

3rd International Festival PURE COUNTRY 2012 will take place on August 11-12 (Saturday-Sunday). However, we invite you to Wolsztyn as early as on Friday, August 10th.

Continuing our idea of the Friday "kick-off" events, we plan to begin the festival attractions on Friday afternoon. Currently, the pre-production works are under way. Our Friday program will feature some extra music and dance shows, plus some other activities.

We'll keep updating the details. Meanwhile we are happy to present the next media feedback of the PURE COUNTRY 2011 from the country and abroad. Extensive detailed articles on our festival appeared in the German monthly, "Western Mail" #9/2011, and in "Polish Trucker" monthly, #11/2011. Enjoy the reading!

Wolsztyn, October 2011


Second edition of the „PURE COUNTRY" festival is already a history, but - judging by the opinions of its participants whose number exceeded 6.000 on the Saturday night - it has made a history indeed, as one of the most memorable phenomena of the season. One of many positive effects of this year's success is the fact that "PURE COUNTRY" has definitely confirmed its steady presence in Wolsztyn's calendar of the future annual cultural events, and in the private calendars of Polish country music fans, too.

Today we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the wonderful people whose support, hard work and encouraging presence have made it happen with such a huge success .

First of all, we owe huge thanks to Mayor of the town of Wolsztyn, Mr. Andrzej Rogozinski, whose support of the idea of "PURE COUNTRY" allowed the festival to come into being and grow up to its current dimension. See the interview with Mayor Rogozinski by the TV Karat reporter, in our GALLERY.

We thank the director of Wolsztyn's Center of Culture, Mr. Jaroslaw ¦wirszcz and his employees for their logistic, technical, and organizational contribution without which the festival simply wouldn't have happened.

Special thanks go to our dedicated volunteers and to Damian Sarbak, who initiated, designed, produced and directed the online worldwide broadcast of the festival (the first-ever live online worldwide broadcast in the history of country music in Poland).

We address the words of our immense gratitude to all our sponsors without whom the festival wouldn't have had a chance to exist. We thank in particular our musical sponsor, ZIBI company, sponsor and producer of festival's graphics and advertising signs, SHINE, also Wolsztyn hotels, MONTANA and KAUKASKA, and Mr. & Mrs. Karwatka of Dom Restauracyjny EUROPA from Wolsztyn.

"Last but not least", we thank all of you - the wonderful festival audience, citizens of Wolsztyn, and all of you who came down to Wolsztyn from near and far, as well as everybody else who were not able to come over but watched us online.

As we have already said, "CZYSTE COUNTRY 2011" is a history, but right now we invite you back to Wolsztyn, to the third edition of the "PURE COUNTRY" in August 2012.

We will inform you on the exact date of the "PURE COUNTRY 2012" soon. But before we do, we'd like to treat you to a handful of memories . In our GALLERY you will find a rich photo-report from this year's festival, the TV Karat footage, and the LINK to the aforementioned video-taped online 2011 broadcast. We also encourage you to a further reading and watching the interviews with the headliners of the "PURE COUNTRY 2011", BILLY YATES and GEORGETTE JONES, recorded during their stay in Wolsztyn by the journalists of the "muzyka-country.pl" and MMS STUDIO.

See  y'all  next year!

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska

Wolsztyn, August 2011


True to its landmark motto, the Town of Wolsztyn is preparing the second edition of the „Pure Country 2011" festival AT FULL THROTTLE.

Before it actually happens, right now we can disclose a handful of program-and-production news.

We can already confirm the next name of the festival roster. Apart from Billy Yates, the Wolsztyn stage will host the next representative of Nashville, USA - GEORGETTE JONES. This extraordinary Artist is the second generation of the most famous family in the history of Country Music: natural daughter of the "Queen of Country Music", Tammy Wynette and legendary "Possum", George Jones. As a teenager, Georgette would sing in her Mom's band and recorded duets with her Dad. Today she carries on the tradition of her iconic Parents in her own right and with a touch of her own class.



GEORGETTE JONES and BILLY YATES will appear in Poland EXCLUSIVELY at the "Pure Country" in Wolsztyn!

Of course, Wolsztyn stage couldn't do without Michael Lonstar. This year he will do the show titled after his recent album, "MICHAEL LONSTAR &...". The self-penned album, recorded in Nashville and scheduled for release come June, will contain the duets with the international cast of Artists. The promo  show at the "Pure Country" will feature guest artists and some surprises, too. The CDs will be available within the festival venue. Who will join Michael Lonstar on Wolsztyn stage? We'd rather not tell you yet. You really should see it all live!

We'll wrap up the Saturday night with "a fistful of dynamite" - The HONKY TONK BROTHERS, and their  hot, honky tonk danceable hits.

Speaking of the dancing, this year's edition will be enhanced by the choreographies of the winners of the "Artist of the Year 2009" title, RODEO DANCE.


Traditionally, starting from Friday, August 5th, the MOTORBIKE RALLY will draw the fans of the single-trackers from all over the country. More details will follow soon on the bikers club homepage.

We have the pleasure to inform you that from this year on the "Pure Country" will be embraced by the honorary patronage of the Ambassador of the United States of America.

Additionally, we have begun the partner collaboration on the production/promotion basis with the producers of the Country Music Messe in Berlin, which fact significantly expands the impact of our media patronage across the Western border.

In our new folder, "LODGING", you will find the complete information on the tourist lodging base in and around Wolsztyn. A new facility, the campsite with an extended tent field will open by the Wolsztyn Lake, on Jeziorna Street. More info soon, and all interested in this form of lodging may contact us at +48 501 666 150.

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska

Wolsztyn, March 2011


To all country music fans and “Pure Country” lovers: we wish you a healthy, serene Christmas, full of family warmth, lots of gifts under the Christmas tree and a champagne country party on the New Year’s Eve.

We too, have a Christmas surprise gift straight from Nashville!

We already know who will be the headliner of the “Pure Country 2001”: it’s a top-rank singer, producer, Grammy and CMA Awards winner, songwriter with numerous hits to his credit – BILLY YATES!

Billy Yates will play the only, EXCLUSIVE concert in Poland!


Billy Yates in Wolsztyn will be backed by one of the most popular European country bands, many-time winner of the Dutch Country Music Association Awards (this year voted the Best Band and Best Album), SAVANNAH (Holland).

SAVANNAH will also play a separate gig in their own right.

We invite you to Wolsztyn, to the best of the pure country music straight from the Music City. We await y’all in August by the Wolsztyn Lake!

Waldemar Ligma & Magdalena "She-Wolf" Łuszczyńska

Wolsztyn, December 2010


We already know the date of the second edition of “PURE COUNTRY” festival: August 6-7, 2011, in the Town’s Park by the Wolsztyn Lake.

Currently, extensive pre-production is in progress, as well as the construction of the new stage. Very soon we will inform you about the first artists booked for the event.

Before we update the program news, we invite you to our GALLERY where you can find the rich photo-chronicle of “PURE COUNTRY 2010”.

Wolsztyn, October 2010


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